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From 1946 is Fa.L. VAN STEK TA&H active in the industrial heating technology. First as supplier of oil burning installations for ships, later as supplier for big storage calorifiers for schools, apartment buildings, hotels and public buildings. Since 1968 is Fa.L VAN STEK TA&H also supplying industrial electric heaters and systems




Part of our package are a.o:



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tubular elements, strip heaters, ring heaters, vat heaters, IBC heaters immersion heaters, air heaters, anti-condensation heaters

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Corrosion resistant heating systems and heat exchangers  for acid baths and aggressive solutions

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Certified industrial heaters. a.o. ATEX, UL, IECex, KOSHA, GOST R or CSA certified


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process systems for chemical and petrochemical applications  designed to suit, to existing codes and specifications


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Thermostats, cut-outs,  thermocouples type J&K, PT100's, on/of controls and thyristor control systems, certified instrument housings and control-instruments,  electrical components

 Fa.L.VAN STEK delivery program includes products from  a.o Braude, Chromalox, Exheat


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News :

Fa.L.VAN STEK will be closed for the Christmas holiday from : 17-12-18 until 3-1-19




our fax number has been terminated  and we will be using e-mail only 



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