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From day 1 Fa.L. VAN STEK TA&H  is active in the field of industrial lubrication technology and, has fast experience with special lubrication systems. We also have a large standard products program.


Our delivery program consists of a.o :



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Graco, new owner of Lubriquip, produces a wide variety of  standard lubrication products  including a.o.  Fireball and Fastball oil pumps, a complete program of divider valves, various industrial lubrication systems for garages, automotive and general applications.

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Manzel box lubricators and high pressure lubricators with a maximum working pressure of 3400 bar per installed pump unit.


 interne link naar productoverzicht WM Coulthard & Co Ltd manufactures CE marked and ATEX certified lubrication equipment for machines and compressors. This equipment has a mximum working pressure of 450 bar per pump unit. Designed to API standard, available in St.Stl., built to client specification meeting your requirements on working capacity and pump output. Fitted with your choice e-motor, heater and available with numerous alarm and monitor functions
 interne link naar productoverzicht API lube oil, cooling water and seal gas systems. Manufactured  to specification.


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Fa.L.VAN STEK will be closed for the Christmas holiday from : 17-12-18 until 3-1-19




our fax number has been terminated  and we will be using e-mail only 



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